Re: eBay Follies

G.J. Irwin

Somewhat off topic, but "on another network" there is a thread called "More eBay Follies" which is approaching 400 pages in length...

In general, I think the overall defection from eBay by model railroad sellers and buyers continues.  The vast majority of N and Z Scale listings are "Buy It Now" and a non-trivial proportion of these are "Are You Kidding" prices. 

I have been in the slow process of settling my father's estate which contained many, many assembled Athearn Blue Box kits along with similar items.  For two years running, my wife and I plastic bagged* them and sold them at a local show for between $1 and $4 each, in the "Bargain Basement" literally under the table of the more expensive items.  The principal buyers have been children and young families.  You should see the kids' eyes light up when they find out that they can get a handful of cars for less than $10 total. 

Still waiting to confront the "flipper" who snagged a Lehigh Valley "X29" (not really) which was third party painted out of that box for $2 and promptly plopped it on his table for $12.  "Hey, where's the brake wheel on that car?  I know it's not there because you bought it from me!"  Next show, it's "Grownups must bring a child under 12 years old to buy from the Bargain Basement..."  Or maybe, "You must be shorter than this table to buy anything underneath it..."

George Irwin

*Ready for the "bag and tag" jokes...

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