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Jim Gates

Locomotives to Russia in WWII (actually into 1946):

90 S160 2-8-0 to Russia
50 S162 2-8-0 to Russia
60 S166 2-8-0 to Russia
10 Porter 0-4-0T to Russia
20 Porter 0-6-0T to Russia
15 Porter narrow gauge 0-8-0 to Russia
1 Porter 0-8-0 to Russia
2060 2-10-0 to Russia
50 Alco RSC1 to Russia
8 Whitcomb 4 wheel switchers

Numbers from a spreadsheet I put together from same book.

Jim Gates

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Nice photo of the decapod kits!  

While it certainly is likely that home road cars were used for these loads, it is by no means a rule. Thus, Baldwin built S160s could be loaded on ANY available flat car, without concern about car service rules. 

Here's a photo of USA S160/Sha class #93 and tender. The engine is on a NYC flat. The tender is on an ATSF flat (40 ton). I'm pretty sure that they were loaded at the same place 😉 Now, you're going to say Aha!  #93 is on a NYC flat, it must be an Alco product! And you would be right that it is an Alco product. Sha 1-89 were Baldwin, Sha 90-148 (class USA/TC S166) were Alco, and Sha 149-199 (class USA/TC S162) were also Alco.

Here are a few photos that Gary posted links to 9 years ago, from the Museum at the University of Montana, purportedly passing through Missoula. These are Sha 24 and 25 on PRR F30A flats. These are Baldwin built (wait, that's disproving my point about random flats!). Unfortunately, the links from that message are dead, but fortunately, I downloaded the photos. Note the tenders loaded in gons.

BTW, a great resource on all of these locos is "Allied Military Locomotives of the Second World War, by R. Tourret, Tourret Publishing. 

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Something like these two photos? Based on what Gary said, these are probably Baldwins since they are on Pennsylvania flat cars. So are they going to Russia, or to western Europe? Don't know. I would vote for Russia, since they seemed to like decapods. The two photos come from a War Department publication on WWII U.S. Army transportation in all forms that I found in the U.S. Govt Documents section at the UVA Library where I worked. Yes, they are public domain.

Makes me wonder if better photos might be found in the National Archives.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff  🦆

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