Re: Locomotives to the USSR via Portland, OR and the SP&S

Dennis Storzek <destorzek@...>

On Tue, Mar 9, 2021 at 07:16 PM, mel perry wrote:
ny particular reason, that the 2-8-0's were shipped built from the factory,
and the 2-10-0's were shipped in kit
form to the POE, and then assembled?
The 2-10-0's were tall locomotives built to Russian loading gauge, essentially copies of the "Russian Decapods" that were stranded in the US by the Bolshevik Revolution twenty five years before. They'd easily tower 19 or 20 feet over the rail if loaded assembled on a standard flat.. The 2-8-0's were tiny, built to fit British loading gauge; you can see the difference in the low domes and placement of the cab.

Dennis Storzek

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