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Don Burn

The Burlington had fish belly underframe milk cars, see RMJ August 2005 page 15. I can't swear it is one of these cars, but it seems more likely than the NYC or Rutland.

Don Burn

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Hello Everyone,

I need some expert advice on the car behind the tender of this engine.

First the photo is from the Milwaukee Road calendar for the month of March this year. The photo is at Dubuque, Iowa along the Mississippi, during a normal flood, in April of 1951.

Now look at the car behind the locomotive tender, at the first car. This house car has a fish belly underframe, reefer style plug door, and no reefer hatches on the roof. Reminds me of a NYC milk car?

But if it is NYC, what is it doing in eastern Iowa?

North of Dubuque is Lansing, where live fish were shipped in baggage cars, for the Kosher trade in New York City, and other spots in the north east.

I will be interested in hearing your responses.

Ted Schnepf

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