Re: Does anyone have info on Klingan 943?

Douglas Harding

The attached photo is of Kingan 1400, built by ACF in 1920. Believe this is from the ACF collection at the Barriger Library Flickr site.


From the Feb 1913 ORER


From the June 1917 ORER


In later years Kingan also leased reefers from National Car Co.


Photo of KRLX 6777 rebuilt in the 40s


Doug Harding


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The ORER records are pretty inscrutable, but there is a picture of Kingan 954 in Kaminsky and Hendrickson’s Billboard reefer book showing it to be an ACF product in 1910.


Switching to the Westerfield ACF lot list, Lot 5995 for Kingan was 75 cars.  In a 1930 ORER, KRLX 901-975 is a range with 58 cars in it.  So, it is likely that KRLX 943 was the same Kingan 954 from 1910.


There may be a builder’s photo in the Barriger Library Flickr site.  I didn’t look there.


Hope this helps.


Steve Hile


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Does anyone have info on Klingan 943?


About seven years ago the Indiana Transportation Museum rescued the body of KRLX 943 from a warehouse, where the carbody had been used as secure storage indoors for about seventy years. The car was built in 1910, with the last bearing repack in 1933. I understand that ITM is now defunct. Does anyone have any history on this car? Builder? In service photos?

Dennis Storzek

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