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Schuyler Larrabee

You are on target, Jim,


I STILL have my Mantua 0-4-0 from about 1958, and while I’ve had numerous chances to replace the tender with another that doesn’t have a broken rear step, I can’t bring myself to do that.



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   I'll take a different take on this.  Or agree more fully with Rich Chapin. 

 Not in any way defending the car however if - this or cars like this with the poor handrails and graphic image not quite like we are used to seeing get kids interested in model railroading or at least give it a second look, great. 

What's that about the mighty oak started as a little nut? 

         All in all it poses no more danger to any here than Thomas the Tank engine, or those Lionel cars with motion of our own youth.  
And I have seen first hand how when Thomas the tank engine used to come to the roundhouse here in St. Paul, kids mobbed it. Many children hugging it. 

     I have tucked away, wrapped in paper, the little cast 0-6-0 tank engine my dad bought my brother and I when we were maybe 6, and then started down this path. I still look at it now and then and it is, in a way, my time machine.       
 I think many here have our own little item we look at from time to time. Rather than a sled named Rosebud, it could be a paper sided car, or an old zamac cast car, or even a blue box car.
Those have all lead us here.
      If any of these cars lead younger people to replace us when the fates finally claim us, I am all for it.                     Jim Dick - Roseville, MN 

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