Re: Outrageous Foobie

G.J. Irwin

Jim Ogden wrote:

"Speaking of Foobies, was the white Varney (later LifeLike) Frisco Norge boxcar based on advertising artwork to promote the new appliance factory in Fort Smith, Arkansas? I know no revenue cars like this ever existed but heard getting Borg-Warner to locate a plant there was a big victory for Arkansas in 1961.
I do understand they passed out the Varney plastic cars as promotional items as they would coozies and caps and T-shirts today."

Jim, I don't know about the distribution at the appliance factory but I can tell you that my late father, who had trains before he had kids, purchased a Frisco/Norge boxcar, most likely at Woolworth's based on the sticker on the box.  Also in his accumulation were cars for Penney's and Mays Department Store.  "No known prototype..."

George Irwin

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