Bill, Here is the info on the difference, from RPI

The Northern Pacific got War Emergency cars in '44, but these were only 7-panel box cars with a Howe truss, not the 9 panel Pratt truss of what I call a true "War Emergency" car Tim O'Connor said the NP got these in '44. Ted Culotta said that Pullman built series 28000-28749, which had black ends, and Pressed Steel built series 28750-28999. These had Superior doors and rectangular panel roofs with wood running boards Culotta also pointed out that these NP cars were the largest class of War Emergency cars on a single road, representing 1,000 cars.


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The NP 28000 series war emergency boxcars were seen with both black and box car red ends.  Was there any rhyme or reason as to which got what?

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