Re: [bbfcl] Converting Rapido’s Rr-56 Mechanical Reefer Into Rr-60 & Rr-61 Classes

John Moore

SFRD 2500-2510 MTC cars were built in 1955 as part of the RR-56 class but were equipped with Thermo-King refrigeration units and Continental diesel.  Only 1 side photo of cars as built has been found and the painting of these cars can not be clearly stated.  The photo in the book does have the ship and travel Santa Fe all the way on the side which was normally the side the train slogan was applied.  It is not know at this time how the other side was painted.

The Rapido RR-56 MTC model does not represent the 10 cars in the 2500-2510 series.

John B. Moore, Jr.

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