NJI&I to Wabash at Pine - Part 2

Gary Roe

Here is another installment of "Daily Interchange Report of Cars" from the NJI&I to the Wabash at Pine in 1953.  The following list is dated 06May53.  It is cars which were left between 11P and midnight for pick up by Westbound Train 89, due at Pine around 9:30A on 07May.  All cars originated at South Bend.  I am showing Initials, Number, Destination, Contents.

gary roe
quincy, illinois

ATSF  141494  Chicago IL          Empty
PRR   475100  Great Falls MT      Tractors
UTLX  78182   Cushing OK          Empty
SP    192877  Armona Ca           *
PLE   22330   Minneapolis MN      Machinery
ACL   51711   Chicago IL          **
Wab   47836   St Louis MO         **
RI    1013    ***                 Autos
Wab   12539   ***                 Autos
Wab   12612   Port Hueneme CA     Autos

*   Looks like "Cabts" - Cabinets?
**  Looks like "House Merchandise"
*** Looks like "Eauon WN"

RI 1013, Wabash 12539, and Wabash 12612 are gondolas.  I am going to assume the loads of autos were in crates for export.

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