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Jim and friends,

Yes, the delays on Zoom are a real and well-known issue, though I'm not sure if "latency" is the actual technical term for it. My sweetheart and I have attended several Zoom sessions hosted by a musician friend. The music only went one way, from him out to us and the other participants. He explained that because of the latency problem, musicians can't play together on Zoom since they will always be a bit out of cinque. Imagine how difficult it would be to stay on beat. He invited us to try singing back to him as an experiment, and it sounded like two dozen cats (us) being shaken around in a trash can.

Zoom is a pretty good tool, for what it does. I've tried Google Meet and found it was a lot more problematic than Zoom, and didn't have as many bells and whistles. Zoom's virtual backgrounds look like they would be fun to play with, but they require a computer with a quad (or higher) processor. My machine only has a dual processor. I'm still trying to learn how to do my own presentations for the Society for Creative Anachronism re-enactment club, but my tests have yet to be successful. I've not been too good with computers since my I-Mac Snow with OS9 died!

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff  🦆

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Slightly OT –


I just got off a Zoom call with one participant along the Space Coast, one in Queens, one outside SF and three of us in SoCal.  We had about 3-second latency on the sound.  Has anyone else experienced that, or was it just our hook-up.


Jim van Gaasbeek

Irvine, CA


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This morning I did a Zoom presentation for a NMRA group out in Michigan and Indiana. Besides HS2020 I know there're smaller groups having regular Zoom meetings. It's a good way for local groups to bring in 'fresh blood' for a talk. Might be something for guys to consider. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to get a speaker from elsewhere in the country. I was asked to do something for a group out in the NW, but didn't know of such things as Zoom then.
Just a thought...
Clark Propst

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