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Charlie Vlk

This is a good question in general.

I am doing research on the CB&Q Aurora-Chicago line and have the images of the ICC reports for the subject area physical plant from the BRHS Archives.

I have indexed the report and placed it in Excel to make it easier to search by keyword.  It is quite detailed and goes down to describing and pricing small tools at the Aurora Shops!

With the Wuhan Pandemic shutting down government and research libraries I would like to hear experiences of listees who have contacted the National Archives in the past and also those who have accessed the files in person.

I do have ICC Vaulation Sheets for the system wide  Equipment Accounts 51- Steam Locomotives, 53- Freight Train Cars, 54 Passenger Train Cars,  56-Floating Equipment, 57-Work Equipment, and -58 Miscellaneous Equipment (which includes motor trucks and horses).

Locomotives are grouped by cylinder size and total light weight.  Freight cars are grouped by series and year built and type as are passenger cars.

The Valuation Study material included detailed map drawings of ROW and stations, sketches and photos of buildings.  If the material is still in the archives it would be a goldmine for STMFC modelers.  Equipment photos taken at the time of the Valuation would be really nice to have as well!!!

Charlie Vlk


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I have a question. What sort of documentation was done of rolling stock in the 1917-19 era ICC valuation of the railroads? Were pictures taken of the various classes of rolling stock like they did of the physical plant?
Is such information available in the National Archives?
Larry King

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