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Douglas Harding

I did not look at rolling stock records, but during my forays into the ICC records at the National Archives in Suitland and later College Park, I have found very few photos. I was mostly looking at structures and ROW reports. Never saw anything related to rolling stock. I was looking at roads that operated in Iowa. Reports varied from scribbles to neatly printed plain text describing the structure, to crude sketches, to field drawings that would make a draftsman proud. The ICC used a wide variety of people to do the evaluation: architects, engineers, accountants, draftsman. If I recall, what photos were taken were often because someone brought their own camera. On one trip I made over 2000 photocopies, and found six photos, which I also photocopied. (in the days before I had a laptop and scanner). The photos were small, may have been contact prints. I ordered copies of the photos, but never received them. I also found blueprints and maps.


Doug Harding


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I have a question. What sort of documentation was done of rolling stock in the 1917-19 era ICC valuation of the railroads? Were pictures taken of the various classes of rolling stock like they did of the physical plant?
Is such information available in the National Archives?
Larry King

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