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I suspect this issue of inclusion of rolling stock details within the Valuation Reports may have been a railroad-to-railroad decision.  Some have already reported that they found no references to the rolling stock in what they inspected at the National Archives.  I have seen other material that was clearly a part of the 'total' valuation that included fairly detailed information on the rolling stock such as type of loco, road number series, builder, date, cylinder size, type of service, weight, and--in the vein of "valuation"----replacement cost.  Passenger, freight, and non-revenue cars were included.  The material I saw was for fairly small railroads possessing only dozens of locomotives and at best a few thousand cars.  It may not be how the big railroads addressed this issue but, surely, the replacement cost of all assets was part of the objective of the Valuation Reports.

Mention was made of Mr. Willam Edson and that he sometimes provided these finer details of some railroads.  Bill was perhaps most famous for publishing several railroad rosters of steam locomotives.  He passed away several years ago, sadly, and is missed.

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I have a question. What sort of documentation was done of rolling stock in the 1917-19 era ICC valuation of the railroads? Were pictures taken of the various classes of rolling stock like they did of the physical plant?
Is such information available in the National Archives?
Larry King

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