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Ralph W. Brown

Garth, et al.,
Could motor surf boats, which in my day were 25 or 26 feet or so.  The USCG motor lifeboats used in my time, 1960s and ‘70s, were 44 footers (and a pair of 52 footers that were used in the Pacific northwest).
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From: Garth Groff and Sally Sanford
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The larger vessels appear to be 38' patrol boats. I don't know when these first went into service, but they were still being built as late as 1944. Later they would have been renumbered into the 38XXX series.
I am stumped by the smaller boats. They look a bit like the 36' motor lifeboat (Glencoe Models still offers the old Revell O-scale kit), but I can't see two of them fitting into a 50-footish gondola. More likely they are a similar but shorter boat.
I remember seeing one of the last 36' boats when I was stationed in Alameda in the nud-1970s. It was probably at Station Yerba Buena Island, and was out of service by then, perhaps being held for preservation. The standard small search-and-rescue boat by then was a 41' model with a single cabin just forward of amidships, with a large sunken open deck behind. I once lost my breakfast on one of these boats between the Channel Islands and Oxnard.
Coast Guard small boats have not been well documented in publicly available materials. When I was in the service, Coast Guard units including District headquarters where I served (public affairs) were not allowed to hold historical materials. It was all supposed to go to the National Archives, but more often went right into the dumpster. I was able to save valuable historical lighthouse negatives, but was ordered to send them to Headquarters for forwarding to the National Archives. I did make prints first though, and still have a few copy negatives I made for my own interest.
Named Coast Guard Cutters are much better documented.
Yours Aye,
Garth Groff (for CG Photojournalist 1st Class)
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When I opened this it came up titled "leaving for 1937 flood zone"
Note the archbar trucks still on the PRR gon
Larry King



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