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It even doesn't have coupler lift bars and brake hoses -> likely NO working brake at all!
It seems that it just has been shoved back and forth on only a few hundred feet at the most.

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Look at the coupler...A makeshift "link and pin" arrangement. You can see the bar or rod going to the other car. Neat.

I would agree it's in captive service.

Steve Johnson

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Am I missing them, or does that car not have airbrakes? That would
definitely put it in captive/non-interchange service.

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Photo: Flatcar With Rope Load

A phot from the Digital Commonwealth website:

Click on the photo and scroll to enlarge the photo.

Undated. No ownership indicated on the flatcar.

Perhaps in captive service at the port?

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

Jeff Shultz
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