Re: Photo: Flatcar With Rope Load

John Mateyko

Ralph,  With all due respect I am pretty sure when the item in questioned is ordered, it is referred to as rope.  Once on board, spliced per custom of the vessel and put to use it is then referred to as a specific line.  The same piece of 8" rope could be used once as a bow line, the next time as a spring line, another time as a breast line and another as a stern line.  When the captain orders. "Single up all lines" all lines which have been doubled up have one of those lines brought aboard.  When the captain orders, "Take in the stern breast line" every crew member in the docking/undocking party knows which specific line that is.  After leaving the dock/pier/wharf the chief mate will pass the order to stow all lines(they are still on deck in their most recently used area) into the Rope Locker, the lines are put into the rope locker.  The last one in may have been used as the stern line.  The next time, it would be the first piece out and more than likely will become either the forward line or the forward breast line.
By the way sir, how many years did you serve aboard a big ship's deck department?
John Mateyko

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