For Sale: HO Scale D&RGW 36ft GS Gondolas (40k Series) Wire Grab Kits

Corey Bonsall

Hi Everyone,

I have a batch of 3D printed HO scale D&RGW GS Gondolas with the Wire Grab option finished up, including the Flying Rio Grande decals (1940 - early 1960s).  Kits include the carbody, lead weight, Tichy delrin stirrup steps, Kadee Ajax brake wheel, styrene coupler covers, decal sheets in both white and black text (for MOW paint), and 2-56 screws for trucks and couplers.  The modeler supplies glue, paint, wire for grabs and brake piping, and either Andrews or Bettendorf-type trucks.

Drill dimples for wire grab irons

If interested, kits can be purchased through my Ebay link, or directly with Paypal invoice for $40 single / $75 double + shipping.  Just PM me with your email, zip code to calculate shipping, and number of kits desired.


Corey Bonsall

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