Re: INDIANA RAILROAD 147 ds trussrod boxcar

william darnaby

The IR did so some interchange with the Monon south of Greencastle where its cars would be given to the Monon for delivery to the very nearby cement works.  These cars would be immediately returned to the IR for delivery to some customer on its system.  There is a photo of this on page 51 in the IR book by Bradley.


Bill Darnaby


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It is unclear to me if this INDIANA RAILROAD 147 ds trussrod boxcar would have gotten around in interchange or not...


Not legal for interchange on the general rail system, but it is built to the specifications to allow interchange on Central Electric Railroad Association member roads, so could likely be seen on any interurban in Indiana or Ohio.  The Indiana Railroad was abandoned in 1941 on the eve of WWII, and by this late date there were no surviving connections.

Dennis Storzek

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