Re: Buckeye box car ends?

Benjamin Hom

Irv Thomae asked: 
"Can anyone suggest where I might be able to buy one HO-scale pair of Buckeye car ends, appropriate for the 500 "1937" AAR boxcars built for the Erie RR in June 1936?   I'd really like to have one of those cars on my 1940-41 era northern New England layout, but I have so many projects already that scratchbuilding such ends is just not an option for me."

Why not use the ones from the Funaro Erie milk car?  They're the 3/3 Buckeye ends from the 1932 ARA cars, so you'll need two pairs to splice into the taller ends for the Erie 78000-series cars.  These also have the Viking roof that you'll need as well.  These kits have been in his line for a while now, and have likely been offered as polybagged flat kits, so you should be able to get a kit at a reasonable price.  Contact Steve to see if he'll sell you an extra pair of ends.

"Didn't that earlier group have reverse-Buckeye rather than Buckeye ends?"

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