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Lot 8666 was for 20 cars, 10000 gallon capacity ordered in March 1919.  The car is Class IV and could be used for natural (casinghead) gasoline service.  Note the two globe valves atop the dome hatch cover (which may not even be round.)  But it also has a bottom outlet valve below the center sill.  General American seems to have been an early proponent of Class IV cars and, as Dave says, this may be one of the earliest versions for them.


Steve Hile


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I think what is "unusual" about this car is that it is about the earliest example of an AC&F insulated car that I have seen.  In my collection, most/all of the TMI cars from AC&F start appearing in the mid-1920s and, by then, they had rather "smooth" jackets covering the insulating layer.  This car just reflects early days in their construction of TMI cars.  Otherwise it is -- I'm never quite sure what to call it -- just an ACF Type 17 or maybe 19, i.e., the old Type 11 frame with an MCB class III tank on top.

BTW, the KD brakes were standard on AC&F cars built from ca. 1919 to 1921.  And, no, this was not a buyer's specification, this is how AC&F built all of their tank cars during this period.

Dave Parker
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