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Tom Palmer

Hi Lloyd,

                The common rust inhibitor used for decades was Cosmoline. Not sure if it is still in use today.



            Tom Palmer


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You are right Dennis. Friction bearing surfaces were protected from weather until used at the RIP with a liquid applied black coating (can't remember the name of it) applied after new wheels were applied to the axles. This was removed before installing in the truck frame. This was obviously not necessary when shipped  with a roller bearing applied. Lloyd Keyser 


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It would seem that most layouts/maintenance yards should have one or more of these.

Actually, wheel cars tended to congregate around the wheel shop where turning and mounting wheels was done. The cars would more or less run a regularly scheduled route, bringing new and reconditioned wheels out to locations with RIP tracks and bringing their old wheels back for reconditioning or scrapping. Wheels weren't typically stored on the car.

Dennis Storzek

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