Re: Tichy wheel car

Tony Thompson

Richard Webster wrote:

Unless that one man is superman, he couldn't lift those side frames or wheels by himself let alone line everything up. I will grant you there is no crane, but those wheels are close to 2000 lbs. so there is no way one man will get the old ones off that track and new ones back on it.

As experienced riggers and workmen will tell you, when there's no crane, you use the tools the Egyptians built the pyramids with: wedges, levers and rollers. 
     There is a video from the SP wheel shop at Sacramento, with single  men levering wheels up onto their edges and "wheeling" them, by hand, to where they needed to go, no cranes. Included is two men rolling a wheelset off the rails (at a paved crossing) and moving it at 90 degrees to the original direction. Nothing is lifted; sometimes small jacks are used to raise parts,even car bodies.
     Obviously these things were strenuous and many were dangerous. But that IS how it was often done in those days.

Tony Thompson

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