Re: NJI&I to Wabash at Pine - Part 3

Bob Chapman

Ron Christensen's photo of NJI&I #4233 brought back a question re a NJI&I boxcar project I posted a while back -- anyone know why the prototype went with "wrong side" reporting marks on the #100-series?
(The model is a Front Range upgrade. Parts added include a Yarmouth Models US Gypsum runningboard, Kadee 7/7 ladders/bracket grabs/Miner brakewheel, and Kato ASF A-3 trucks. Front Range’s deep fishbelly sidesill was modified to NJI&I’s more conventional pattern. Decals are from K4. No weathering – once in a while we need a fresh car, but love the weathering on #4233. May need to take this one back to the workbench....)
Bob Chapman

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