Re: Tichy wheel car

Tony Thompson

Ed Mims wrote:

I can assure you that Richard Webster's description of a wheel change in a railroad shop or car repair track is accurate. You can not remove or apply a solid bearing wheel set without first removing one side frame from its position in the truck bolster to provide space for the axle to be positioned (or removed) in an integral journal box type side frame. Trucks with separable journal boxes, such as Andrews trucks, are much easier. The journal boxes can be removed along with the axle being changed out whiteout disturbing the bolster. The wheel set can be replaced with the journal boxes installed on the axle and the journal boxes re-bolted to the side frames.

     No argument. I just maintain that cranes were by no means always used or available. Small jacks, to support side frames or bolsters, were used in many of the photos I have seen.

Tony Thompson

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