Re: Tichy wheel car


On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 07:08 PM, Steve Hile wrote:
The Rock island car is one of their all aluminum express boxcars from 1946, numbered in the series 20060-20069.  Originally natural aluminum, this one has since been painted in a shade of heavyweight passenger car green with yellowish gold lettering.  The medallion may have a red background or be just an outling by this time.
The trucks are not Allied Full Cushion, but rather Barber S-1-B trucks.
Yes, I should have looked more closely at the photo.
The 14 panel ( 7 & 7 ) sides are a dead giveaway. Sunshine did this car as a kit along with other aluminum cars.

And I have the RI kit in my stash.

Dan Smith

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