William Hirt

Wasn't these 2 kits based on the series of articles that Rail Model Journal published circa 1997 about oil distributors? I remember some of the articles had scale plans of oil distributor warehouses. There was also one article where the owners of the oil jobbers talked about the rail traffic into their business.

Bill Hirt

On 4/1/2021 11:49 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:
I wrote:

Absolutely that is it. Good find, Scott. I wouldn't have said that the tanks were better, particularly, but that all the components are so nicely done. Just needs a warehouse building and you're done. Wish this had come back when I still needed an oil dealer. . .

Should have added that Grandt made a very nice warehouse, though a separate kit, and I think was INTENDED to go with the "oil dealer" kit. I see that same warehouse listed on the San Juan page. Great stuff.

Tony Thompson

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