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In a conversation with Dave Grandt, when I was writing a review of the kit for RMC (Jan 2002), he told me the two kits were based on oil jobbers he saw and photographed in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. There was not a specific prototype, but rather a compilation of a number of oil jobbers. Conoco was a major company in that area as well as Texaco. The warehouse with its corrugated roof and siding, along with the open porch platform certainly looks like it is from that region of the country. The kit with the tanks and truck filling stand can be used almost anywhere.


The Quincy CA kits were done by Campbell.


Doug Harding


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Bill Hirt wrote:

Wasn't these 2 kits based on the series of articles that Rail Model Journal published circa 1997 about oil distributors? I remember some of the articles had scale plans of oil distributor warehouses. There was also one article where the owners of the oil jobbers talked about the rail traffic into their business.

No, that's a quite different dealer. IIRC the Grandt Lines kit was already available well before that RMJ article. I also have a faint recollection that Grandt did several structures based on prototypes in Quincy, California, including this dealer. Can anyone confirm that?


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