Re: Funaro and Camarlengo website.

Dave Parker


I can't find parts of my instructions for the CV car, and I'm not sure I would rely on them very much if I could.  And I have not yet built my kit, so caveat emptor.

The trucks are a pretty conventional Commonwealth express truck, with a 7-0 wheelbase.  Precision Scale #32480 is a very good match, and the Athearn 90383 trucks are pretty close as well.  In either case, the wheels should be 36" AFAIK.

The other details that jump out at me are the steam and signal hoses for passengers service, as well as the buffer over the coupler.  The attached builder's photo, courtly of John Nehrich and the NEB&W website show these.  It also shows a club-style ratchet brake as-built.  Some later photos indicate a conventional stemwinder brake, but I have no idea when they might have been swapped in.

Hope this helps.  I'm afraid I have nothing on the Dairyman's cars.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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