PRR class X26 USRA ss boxcar in 1948

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List Members,
A great view of a gritty 1948 industrial scene. A PRR class X26 USRA ss boxcar is visible. Note the original wooden door has been replaced with a steel door by this time. Also note the switch engine hiding between the cuts of cars, a switchman is standing by to help out with whatever needs to still be done. This would make a great scene on a model railroad, don't you think? I also like the damaged brick wall - both on the prototype and on any model this would beg the question  - what happened there? Did a careless forklift operator back the thing right thru the wall coming from the loading dock side?
Use the "Pan and Zoom" tool to get closer to the action.
Claus Schlund

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