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Gatwood, Elden J SAD



I can’t see enough to see what specific placard this might be, but I used to have a collection of hazardous material placards most of which were diamond-shaped (meant to be displayed like that).  I got many from tank cars, but not all:  “Inflammable”, etc.


I have seen these on box cars, but have no idea if this was a “standard”, “accepted” use.  Someone stapled them onto one or more tack boards.


Richard Hendrickson and I had a long conversation about these.  He and Tony, IIRC, worked on assembling a package for MicroScale to do them as decals.  It is a very nice set.  Presto, model!


Elden Gatwood


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Anyone know what the diamond shaped placard on the end of the car at far left is? 


The switch leading to the track the locomotive is on with its points inside the crossover switch is an interesting detail as well. Would be fun to model. 

Brian Stokes
North Point Street in Proto:48

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