Subsequent to last weeks discussion of the Grandt Line oil distributor kits I assembled and painted the tanks from my two kits.This led to
many memories and a question. My first job out of college was with Union Oil.Everybody started at the bottom and my first assignment was to start the day by firing up a boiler and then cleaning and painting fifty five gallon oil drums. The paintinbg was done by placing the drum in a Rube Goldberg type of contraption that rotated the barrel for painting. The sides of the drum were painted blue followed by a coat of orange
sprayed on the top and bottom. This was done without masking shooting the top[ and bottom at an angle preventing overspray. This was union’s signature ;paint scheme.The job itself progressed to delivering the loaded three hundred pound drums to customers and then coming in at 5:00 AM to climb and manually gage the 8 to 10 tanks in the tank farm.

I painted thousands of drums without giving it much thought. The Grandt Line tqanks are drying while awaiting Flying A logos that afre being produced. My thoughts went to painting detaild for the facility. Flying A was active in Hawaii at the time but I do not recall noticing what color they painted their drums. Hopefully someone with a long memory might recall what color color they used on their drums.

Thanks inadvance for any help:

Bill Pardie

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