Folding stake pockets & Gondola clips

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The comperisons of inside folding stake pockets with Wine tie-down straps show that they are not very similar in appearance. They both are close to the same size, but are very much different. The folding stake pocket is a 2-piece component. To look at a nicely tooled folding stake pocket, look inside a P2K Greenville gondola.
-Andy Carlson
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My humble research has led me to believe that the exterior loops were angled out as per Andy's description.  The interior loops were hinged and resemble the Archer product. These folded flat against the car side. Years ago Mark Federson did a great job on adding the interior loops to a Westerfield PRR gondola.

I have contemplated creating a jig to drill for the outside loops but have not really gotten off the ground on this.  Looking at the WP gondola may inspire resurrecting this project.

Bill Pardie

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From research done years ago I seem to remember these being supplied by the Wine company. 1/2" round bar bent into a loop and the distal ends were bent out to about a 30 degree angle which separated the loop from the car sides allowing the tie-downs. Those distal ends were electric welded to the side. Most HO models of these are flat to the car side and don't project out at all. Years ago I took some 0.006" wire and bent some for this purpose, but I felt the effort was not worth the appearance. The CA glue did a reasonable fine job of emulating those welds!

My early work on making a resin 29' Greenville 1953 built WP coil steel gondola had these clips. These prototype parts were not welded to the bulb angle, but rather to the field of the sides.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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No, they are tie-downs for securing loads.


The were usually welded to the outside side of the top chord, or tops of sides, or even sides of ribs toward their tops.  They were very useful with metal banding, especially.


See attached:


Elden Gatwood


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