Re: IC two-bay hopper color

Jeffrey White


IC open top cars were black until 1947.  In 1947 they began painting them red.  In 1955 they went back to black.  In1955 they began replacing the wood sides with steel sides in the war emergency hoppers so black would be the correct color for a steel sided car.

I don't know if all of the open top cars were painted red before they started painting them black again I have photos of IC coal drags in the 1950s that shows  both red and black hoppers in the train. 

Jeff White

Alma IL

On 4/10/2021 11:30 AM, mopacfirst wrote:

I see from published photos, and kit notes, that IC two-bay hoppers were painted red in the fifties era.  I have a P2K two-bay hopper model, originally a war emergency car and rebuilt with steel sides, which is painted black.  Is this correct?  There is an rr-fallenflags photo of IC 73149, but I can't tell if this car is black or red.

Ron Merrick

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