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Bryian Sones

Add me to the list of Star Brand being a good paint and not an Acrylic. It is great on brass or plastic.

I model U.P. and D&RGW narrow gauge in Ho. 
I am not saying I'm an expert on the D&RGW short caboose at all but...
I did do some research to build a few of them
I built 5 of them from PSC kits and I have two brass ones

There are a bunch of variations of the short caboose so you really shouldn't decal it without doing some research if you want it correct.
spotting things to look for are:

1) Car Ends -There is a rounded version and a Square (flush end)
2) The bolster ends. -There is a Square and Rounded end
3) Copula windows -  Double window,  cross braces and none
4) Copula window awnings - Double, single or none
5) Copula  Square or Angled sides
6) steps- straight or angled sides,.
7) ladders Below roof straight or curved. Above roof curved.

A good reference book is Narrow gauge pictorial volume V . "Cabooses of The D&RGW".

Decals,  I use San Juan Decals or Thin Film  

Bryian Sones
Union Pacific Prototype Modeler
Murrieta, CA

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The PFE 1963 catalogue (8th Edition) shows two windows on the side on the smoke stack side.   The same caboose with the dual windows on the smokestack side is shown in the 7th Edition catalogue.  The 9th edition catalogue shows two windows on the non-smoke stack side.


Gary Laakso


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I don't want to tout the obvious, but the PFM label on the caboose (the bottom, I assume) identifies it as a PFM product, and it definitely has the appearance of a D&RGW narrow gauge caboose with 4 wheel trucks.I'm not sufficiently conversant with Rio Grande ng cabooses to be able to suggest a number or series, but there are photos on Google that show several of these short cabooses with numbers in the 0500 series.

Todd Sullivan

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