Re: HOn3 D&RGW caboose (amended)

Schuyler Larrabee

Mark!  Thanks for this find, that is the caboose, EXCEPT that the trucks are different.  The one in the linked images has outside hanger brakes, where as the trucks for the subject model do not.  I suspect that the trucks on the guide page are replacements.  I can tell you that disassembling the caboose this morning convinced me that it has never been disassembled before.


It also appears that the person who painted that caboose removed the brass cast scale coupler pocket in favor of a Kadee box.




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There is an entry on the website that looks a lot like your model that indicates it was imported by PFM in 1964.  The detail on your model looks to be about that vintage.  Although this site claims the builder was Katsumi, I believe United may have utilized a number of builders to produce models under their name.  PFM was a heavy user of United.


Mark Rossiter

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