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Schuyler Larrabee

Thanks, Dan, that caboose appears to have a rounded corner on the carbody itself, which makes it different that the model I have to paint.  I appreciate your sending along this image.


Geez, this morning I didn’t know one D&RGW narrow gauge caboose from another and now I’m picking out spotting features.  Is this a great list to learn from, or not!?




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Can’t help with the exact color issue, but we have D&RGW shorty caboose no.0526 here at the Huckleberry Railroad in Flint, MI. Sadly for your question, the cabose has been repainted several times over its lifetime, and was recenty totally restored (frame-up) here at HRR just a few years ago. It’s now about 80% new wood, though we reused what we could if it remained structurally sound.


Dan Mitchell




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I don't want to tout the obvious, but the PFM label on the caboose (the bottom, I assume) identifies it as a PFM product, and it definitely has the appearance of a D&RGW narrow gauge caboose with 4 wheel trucks.I'm not sufficiently conversant with Rio Grande ng cabooses to be able to suggest a number or series, but there are photos on Google that show several of these short cabooses with numbers in the 0500 series.

Todd Sullivan


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