Re: PRR X29B and X29D


Thanks for providing these answers, even though I didn't ask the question.  I have an F&C X29B and an X29D, along with an X26C, partially built on the bench.  I like to do more than one at a time of similar or identical cars, since it saves me time on research and construction methods, and near the beginning of projects I often do the same thing on several models at once.  

A technique I've been using recently, for light colored parts like the white F&C resin or even the Sunshine gray, is that for one-piece body house cars I will wrap the sides and ends with tape and spray the roof the appropriate color while the car is partially built.  Saves the trouble of trying to get paint under the roofwalk, and if the car has a wooden walk I can paint it separately and get weathered wood colors on it more easily.

Ron Merrick

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