Re: Detail Associates freight car parts.


I have not tried them, but the only DA part that I really need on a regular basis other than eye bolts (which are made by quite a few manufacturers) is the coupler cut lever.  Tangent's are good, but I think they're steel and harder for me to work with.  I found a supplier previously unknown to me by googling 'coupler cut lever', and I didn't even specify HO but that's what they are.  To save you the trouble, here's the listing:

Or look for Barker's Trains on eBay.  The handle end of the part is shaped a little differently than the DA one, perhaps a bit too exaggerated, and the other end (the coupler end) is straight.  I put a very short 90 degree bend in it, so I can glue it to the bottom of the coupler pocket where it's out of the way.  I was able to buy 10 pair, and I'm on my second order already.

Ron Merrick

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