Re: [EXT] Re: [RealSTMFC] Photo: Reefers At A Blast Furnace (Circa 1925)

Brian Termunde

Names and proper pronunciation fascinate me to no end. For instance there is the Willamette River, my Mom was certain that I was not saying it right, but a disinterested third party confirmed that I was was right, it's Will Lamb It - Damn It! <VBG>

My sincere apologies to anyone offended.

People likewise are in a state of disbelief when I tell them I've been from Boring, Oregon to Remote, Oregon via Drain and Zigzag. (actually I haven't been to Zigzag just yet), but I've been on either side of it.

Take Care,
Brian R. Termunde
Midvale, Utah (Not Just Another Four Letter Word!)

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