Re: Photo: Reefers At A Blast Furnace (Circa 1925)

Mark Rossiter

Eric et al, as Bruce stated – Charlotte is roughly 10 miles north of downtown Rochester – where the Genesee River empties into Lake Ontario.  The New York Central had a line that serviced Charlotte from the south as well as the ‘Hojack’ line (former Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg) that ran east-west and crossed the Genesee River on a swing bridge that was finally dismantled several years ago. 


The Despatch Shops were located in East Rochester, which as the name implies is some 10-15 miles east of downtown Rochester, and were located directly off of the NYC mainline running from Albany to Buffalo and beyond.  Lots of FREIGHT CARS built there over the years, especially during the steam era. 😊


Mark Rossiter   


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