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Hoosiers do that, too. Consider Terre Haute!

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Kentucky has a town of Versailles which they pronounce Versales. I think they do it just to make the French cringe 😉




Andy Millere


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In Tennessee, Milan is pronounced My-lan. And Lafayette is LaFAYette. 


Brian Ehni 

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There used to be a wonderfully entertaining book called "Oregon Geographic Names."  Not sure if it is still in print.

You can add Riddle, OR to your list, Brian, and Arock and Lone Rock.  I also like Speece, OR on the UP's branch to Shaniko.  Nothing there except space.

In Massachusetts, where I was born, there are lots of pronunciation challenges: Worcester, Gloucester, Billerica, and names that sound like sneezing - Cochituate, Athabaska and Situate.

Todd Sullivan

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