Re: Photos: GATX/DuPont Tank Car 63321 (Circa 1940s)

mel perry

if you belong to the nmra  you can have
their library make copies for you, probably cheaper than epay

On Tue, Apr 20, 2021, 12:02 PM kevinhlafferty <khlafferty@...> wrote:
Time to pull out the way back machine. This may be a hopeless request, but in searching for additional info on these DuPont 3K gallon lead tank cars I found a reference to a May 1960 RMC article about scratch building a 3K gallon tank car by Chuck Youngkurth. The earliest RMCs I have are '64 and most on-line dealers believe these old magazines were printed on Unobtainium. Does anyone possibly remember this article and is it worth the cost of obtaining a copy?
Kevin Lafferty

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