Re: Photos: GATX/DuPont Tank Car 63321 (Circa 1940s)

Benjamin Hom

Kevin Lafferty asked:
"Time to pull out the way back machine. This may be a hopeless request, but in searching for additional info on these DuPont 3K gallon lead yank cars I found a reference to a May 1960 RMC article about scratch building a 3K gallon tank car by Chuck [Yungkurth]. The earliest RMCs I have are '64 and most on-line dealers believe these old magazines were printed on Unobtainium. Does anyone possibly remember this article and is it worth the cost of obtaining a copy?"

eBay turned up two listings for the May 1960 RMC: ($7.95 + shipping)  ($5 + shipping)

Ben Hom

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