Re: URTX/Milw Reefer Survivor

Lloyd Keyser

Hope this gets preserved. LK

On Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 7:32 PM Brian Carlson via <> wrote:
Reweigh date looks like 44. 

Brian J. Carlson 

On Apr 20, 2021, at 8:15 PM, Bob Chapman <chapbob4014@...> wrote:

Gregg Condon forwarded these recent photos of this URTX/Milw wooden reefer in Winona, Minn., serving as a storage shed, and until recently hidden under falsework siding. 
Here's the backstory, In Gregg's words:
"Railfanning is wayyy fun, especially when you discover the wayyy unexpected. Pat and I were driving down a street in Winona. We passed an old business building just as a couple guys finished tearing the end off an old shed and I saw it was lettered "URTX." I sez to Pat in a frenzy, "Go around the block!" We went back and she shot the attached pix with her phone. Dark cloudy day, but you can see that perhaps 80 to 90 years ago somebody had nailed two-by-two batts to a wooden refrigerator car and nailed siding over that. Built date is 1920. Interesting to see the preserved true paint colors from that era."
Bob Chapman

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