Re: Heavy duty flat on ERIE in 1953

Schuyler Larrabee

A follow-up on this.  I circulated the model photo to my friend Ben Dibble, who send me back a prototype photo of the same car and the same load!  “Dad” is his father who was “standing next to the car for scale.”  Ben’s an excellent D&H modeler.




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The flat car itself may be from the D&H, which had direct connection to GE's Schenectady Works and also with the Erie at Binghamton.
Erie was the best road for handling oversized loads due to its generous clearances and no main line tunnels, having been originally built to 6' gauge.

I modeled this in O scale from a GE advertising photo very much like the one shown above.
The color and size of my GE stator unit made in 1989 follows one I saw at the NYSE&G Jennings NY power plant, beside the D&H right of way.
The 250 ton flat is a brass Max Gray model from 1955. The timber blocking and stator end covers were made following the reference photo. 

Ed Bommer  

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