Re: ex-SP Overnight cars B-50-24 repaint questions

Paul Doggett


In your period they would still be running in black, around 1955 they were repainted silver with the blocked lettering style. One for Tony Thompson to answer fully.

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Hello friends,

I am always looking for variety for my box car collection and found this one which I would be very interested in:

If I remember correctly that lettering scheme first appeared sometimes in 1955 - which is slightly after my model time frame ending in 1954, so I would have to repaint the model. I am specifically interested in the possible appearences of these cars after their Overnight service. Would it be correct to paint it fcr but with an earlier lettering scheme as currently seen on the model?
Or would it even be possible to make a car of another road? The car sides were unique, but according to this site:

Cotton Belt and UP also had cars with that side wall design.
Of course I searched the group archive but got hundreds of results which would take me months to find the appropriate answers I am afraid.

Many thanks for any help, and many greetings

Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1954

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