Re: Victor Hand Photo of Erie Railroad yards in Jersey City NJ August 1957

G.J. Irwin

For orientation purposes in case anyone is curious about exactly where these STFMCs are in Jersey City... to the left is the Erie's passenger terminal, and to the center right at the Union Terminal Cold Storage building is the New York-bound entrance to the Holland Tunnel.  At the far right is the Lackawanna's vast terminal building.

This is near the section of downtown Jersey City where I'm from (out of the photo to the left, the PRR's Harismus Cove line, to be exact).  By the late 1960's this was mostly weed-grown.  It's now completely rebuilt into high-rises, luxury housing and shopping areas including Newport Centre Mall which would be about dead center of the photo.

The non-STFMC photos have at least one caption correction needed: the "West End" referenced in the photo is the Erie's "West End" of their Bergen Arches which cut through the Palisades (the bridge overhead is the Lackawanna out of Hoboken Terminal), not Long Branch!

Great find, Chris, thanks for sharing.

George Irwin

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