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Jack Mullen

On Fri, Apr 23, 2021 at 09:26 AM, Bob Chaparro wrote:

Photo: Seaboard Boxcar 24145

A photo from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Libraries:

Another cool photo from lost Chicago.

This is C&NW's State Street Yard, just north of the Chicago River on the line to Navy Pier. We're looking northwest at the State St. bridge over the yard, which forms the north approach to "The" State St. Bridge, the bascule bridge over the river, out of view to the left. The Hertz building at State and Kinzie and the Central Cold Storage Warehouse complex west of Dearborn have been gone about half a century now. Oddly, the only surviving buildings are the small Dutch style gabled brick building and its neighbor, which are now Harry Caray's Steakhouse. 
The yard was for industry switching. It was roughly 3 blocks long and bent into a sort of s curve following the course of the river. With the curves, the overpasses and their supports, it must have been "interesting" to switch. This area was home to one of C&NW's AGEIR boxcabs for a number of years.

But we're here to talk about freight cars, right? So: B&LE AAR boxcar lurking under the bridge; N&W 44743, PS-1; Seaboard 24145, early PS-1 weighed new 10-48, 7' door?; IC 14227, SS boxcar which appears to be an ex-auto car, reweigh 5-52. On the next track, Reading ARA steel boxcar. ; Santa Fe steel boxcar with illegible number. There's a wood bodied ice reefer beyond that, with hatches shut but unlatched. 

Not much to derive from a 6 car sample, but it's interesting that none are home road cars, and only two from roads that reach Chicago. Two date from the teens and twenties, others are "modern".  Seems like a reasonable result for a random grab from the national pool.

Jack Mullen

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