Re: Photo: Partial View Of SHPX/Hooker Tank Car 3342

Ed Hawkins

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Photo: Partial View Of SHPX/Hooker Tank Car 3342

A photo from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Libraries:

Click on the arrows and scroll on the photo to enlarge it.

Bob Chaparro

Bob and others interested,
The SHPX 3342 tank car leased by the Hooker Electrochemical Co. was one of 10 cars (SHPX 3337-3346) built as ACF lot 3613 in 11-50. A builder photo of SHPX 3337 is shown on page 64 of the ACF Tank Cars book authored by Edward S. Kaminski. 

As-built: Lettered for Hooker, Tacoma, Wash. (centered on jacket)
10,500 gallons
Liquid Chlorine
ACF welded underframe
Apex Tri-lok running boards & dome platform

The 3342 car in the photo had been repainted in a later-version lettering scheme circa 6-53 or later: HOOKER shadow-effect stencils to the left of black center band and Hooker Chemicals to the right of the black center band.  

Ed Hawkins

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